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Initial Intake

Getting under care is simple and available to everyone of all ages! You can book online through the "Schedule Here" tabs or if you'd prefer you can call the number in our contact section. After you've scheduled your first visit we can send you the intake paperwork. 

Your first visit is 40 minutes. It will start with an intake conversation where together we will go over your paperwork and clear up any additional questions or concerns. This will be followed by an intake assessment during which you’ll be taken through a series of neurologic and structural exams. At the end we will get you adjusted unless the exam reveals a reason we should wait until the second visit. 

Adult Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment clears interference with your nervous system so that your body can work at its optimal capacity. It doesn't matter whether you're stressed from juggling life, training for the season, experiencing a physical pain, have a cold, or are just looking to come in, these are all wonderful reasons to get adjusted.


This is a 10-minute adjustment. 

Child Adjustment (16 and under) 

Yes children and infants can get adjusted. Adjusting children can look a lot different than adjusting an adult and the pressure used is significantly less. I use lighter force techniques such as craniosacral to help their rapidly developing nervous systems. 

This is a 10-minute adjustment. Any child under 6 months of age is free!

Image by Ivana Cajina
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